Faculty of Management and Law

The dean of the faculty is Nina I. Larionova

Vice deans: Dmitriy L. Napolskikh, Olga M. Repina

The faculty of management and law is a modern and dynamically growing department. It is one of the leading faculties of the university on quality of education.

The faculty was founded to meet the need for highly qualified specialists in management, marketing, public administration, management of agro-industrial and construction enterprises.

Bachelor programs:

38.03.02 Management

38.03.04 Public Administration

38.03.06 Trade

Master programs:

38.04.02 Management

38.04.03 Human Resource Management

38.04.04 Public Administration

27.04.02 Quality Management

The faculty has more than 1500 students today.

The staff of the faculty is highly qualified and consists of more than 90% of people who possess degrees. The professors and associate professors have great teaching experience and practical experience in administration management and economic sector.

The graduate students of the faculty are successful specialists with management positions in small and medium enterprises, agricultural and construction complex enterprises hold senior positions in Structures of Federal Executive Bodies and Municipal Structures. Some of such conferences take part in Vladimir, Kazan, Yaroslavl, and Saint-Petersburg and others.

2 Chairs:

  • Administration and Management,
  • Chair of Management and Business.

Students of the faculty actively participate in research scientific work. There are 2 scientific conferences and 2 student competitions take place every year which are organized by the faculty.

The students take parts in different kinds of regional, national and international conferences and win prizes. The best students allowed to participate in research projects of the faculty. It helps them to gain useful experience and helps to get scholarships.

Social life of the faculty is eventful. There are a lot of opportunities for students to bring their talents to light. They can take part in sports and cultural programs, participate in volunteer programs. There are several events where students can dance, sign, recite poems, solve business cases and other activities. Moreover, students actively participate in volunteer programs and work with orphaned children: once a month they visit orphan asylums and play with kids, teach them some skills if they can, draw posters.

Partners of the faculty:

Non-profit organization “Russian Marketing Society”

  • The department of State University Local Government – High School of Economics represented by Doctor of economic science Elena S. Shomina

    • Non-State Non-profit Foundation “New Eurasia”
    • Gwen Powell – professor of Georgia University, USA

        • Center of Psychological-economic research of Saratov Social-economic University
        • Mari El Central Election Committee

          Contact information:

          Address: 3 Lenin Sq., building 1. Dean office of the faculty: office 319

          Phone number: 64-19-57

          Email: fup@marstu.net

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