Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture was established on the 1st of March in 2015 and it includes 2 departments: the department of Civil Engineering and the department of Environmental Engineering and Water Management.

The head of the institute is Kotlov Vitaly G. – Ph.D., Associate Professor of civil engineering and water supply department.

The staff of the department fulfills research work for national and regional projects. New effective types of foundations and building structures are being developed for the republic construction companies. They also perform monitoring of construction quality, and testing of new building structures. Large scope of work falls at evaluation of building and structure technical condition as well as separate structural elements. This kind of evaluation is important for all the companies possessing real estate objects as assets.

7 Chairs:

  • Chair of Highways and Roads,
  • Chair of Construction Materials and Technology,
  • Chair of Construction Structures and Foundations.
  • Chair of Water Resources
  • Chair of Emergency Management
  • Chair of Nature Management
  • Chair of Building Design

The institute provides the following academic programs:

Bachelor programs:

  • 08.03.01 Civil Engineering
  • 20.03.02 Environmental Engineering and Water Management

Master programs:

  • 21.04.02 Land Planning and Cadastres
  • 08.04.01 Civil Engineering
  • 20.04.02 Environmental Engineering and Water Management

Specialist programs:

  • 08.05.01 Unique Buildings and Special Object Construction (6 year Specialist Diploma)

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture has modern laboratories with all kind of up-to-date equipment which can be useful for students during their studies. The highly qualified faculty staff is always ready to help students with their initiatives and answer their questions

Mission of the institute

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture as an innovative institution’s mission is to train specialists who are capable of positive influence on civil engineering of the republic of Mari El, other regions of Russia and the world. The institute connects production activity, project management, exploratory activity and entrepreneurship.

Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture does all possible to contribute strategic development of Volga State University of Technology. Training and education provided by the institute are based on innovative ideas and new educational technologies, which allows reaching the best results of both faculties and students work.

Contact information

17 Panfilova St., office 204, Yoshkar-Ola, Republic of Mari El, Russian Federation, 424000
phone: +7(8362) 45-53-90 – Kotlov V.,
+7 (8362) 68-60-78 — Motovilova L.,
+7 (8362) 68-60-78 — Tolstukhin A.

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