Institute of Forestry and Nature Management

Today when people talk about oil and gas they forget that these resources are not renewable. However, forests are reproducible and they are another important resource. The republic of Mari El is rich in forests. Over time people in the republic knew the importance of forests and that made them understand necessity of having great professionals who could work with this resource. Not surprisingly, the Volga State University of Technology was established back in 1918 to meet the need of the republic to have these kinds of specialists. Since then 97 years has past but the importance of these professions are still important not just in the Republic of Mari El but in the whole world.

Today the Institute of Forestry and Nature Management welcome students who feel that they want to make a difference in taking care of nature, forests and people in cities by working with landscapes.

Institute of Forestry and Nature Management consists of 7 Chairs:

  1. Chair of Woodworking Industry
  2. Chair of Standardization, Certification and Commodity Science
  3. Chair of Technology and Equipment of Timber and Woodworking Production
  4. Chair of Landscape design, Botanics and Dendrology
  5. Chair of Ecology, Soil Science and Environmental Management
  6. Chair of Forestry and Forest Management
  7.   Chair of Artificial Crops, Selection and Biotechnology

Advantages of studying with us:

  1. Great experience of training specialists in forestry since 1918
  2. Word-class professors
  3. Opportunities to get internships abroad in such countries as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, China, Czech Republic, and USA
  4. Modern laboratories which give our students ability to perform such things as a biotechnological elimination of waste, woodworking, ecology control, DNA analysis, furniture design, work with CAD Systems and GIS technologies and a host of other things.
  5. Scientific-experimental forestry enterprise
  6. Center of sustainable management of forests which was established upon the project of European Union TEMPUS. Good connections between Volga State University of Technology and Universities of Forestry in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Greece and other European countries.
  7. New and comfortable dorms with free wifi and friendly staff

Director of the institute is Eugene M. Onuchin.

The members of the staff publish a great number of textbooks. Only for the last five years they issued the following books classified by the Ministry of Education: «Forest Regulation» (by Prof. P. Verkhunov), «Forest Commodity Research» (by Prof. I. Alekseyev), «Aerospace Techniques in Forestry and Landscape Architecture» (by Prof. V. Sukhikh), «Dendrology» (by Prof. V. Pchelin), «Machinery in Forestry» (by Prof. M. Eremin), etc.

Lately two TEMPUS grants were won under the direction of Professor E. Kurbanov. The members of the staff and post-graduate students have the opportunity to improve their skills in Finland, Austria, Greece, Italy, Germany, the USA. Student internship programs allow foreign students and Masters to study at the department, while local students and post-graduates go to study overseas.

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